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"Economic code" behind domestic compressor industry
"Deep work and fame", this is used to describe the compressor is appropriate.Compressor is closely related to industrial economic production. Compressor is ubiquitous in national production. However, as a general machine, it cannot independently complete production tasks and has low perception......
Oil injection water cooling screw air compressor exhaust temperature plateau and solution
In the petrochemical industry, the screw air compressor has been widely used due to its advantages of reliable operation, high efficiency, long life, free from the influence of exhaust pressure, stable operation and no surge.Especially in the public system as an advanced aerodynamic equipment, widely used in air compressor station to provide instrument wind air for the device.Therefore, the safe operation of air compressor unit ensures the stability of instrument wind and safe operation of the device.However, in the daily operation of the oil-injection screw air compressor, due to inadequate maintenance, the unit often has high exhaust temperature alarm, the unit shut down.Therefore, it is very important to make a detailed analysis of the fault of high exhaust temperature alarm and interlock shutdown of the screw air compressor, and put forward practical and effective treatment methods to ensure the normal and stable operation of the screw air compressor.
(1) event description
On May 15, 2016, the air compressor unit j-6001a, which was in production and in operation, suddenly shut down interlocked. It was found that the PLC display screen showed alarm of high exhaust temperature, high pressure difference between oil and gas separator and high pressure difference between oil filtration.In order to ensure the safe operation of the plant production, the standby unit j-6001b is replaced, and the faulty unit j-6001a is shut down for maintenance.
(2) brief introduction of maintenance
At 8:30 on May 16, 2016, the failed unit j-6001a was overhauled. In view of the alarm of high exhaust temperature of the unit, the alarm of high pressure difference of oil and gas separator and the alarm of high pressure difference of oil filtration, the main maintenance of the unit's oil circuit system and circulating water cooling system was overhauled and maintained.From the maintenance situation, there are mainly the following problems:
1) the filter element of the oil and gas separator scales and blocks;
2) the oil filter is blocked;
3) the oil break valve fails and the valve core is stuck;
4) fault of temperature control valve is stuck;
5) serious fouling and blockage of the oil cooler.
A national standard put together by the pressure standard committee was approved and released
Announcement of national standards of the People's Republic of China (no. 23 of 2017)
GB/T 30475.4-2017 compressed air filter test methods -- part 4: water
The release date is 2017-09-29, and the implementation date is 2018-04-01.
Analysis and solution of compressor frequent loading and unloading fault
With the development of science and technology, air compressor, as an important power equipment, is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, electronic power, chemical industry, food, textile and other industrial fields......
Compressor industry in the eyes of executives in the first three quarters of 2017
Sales point of view
In the first half of the company sales growth situation, which several industries sales more prominent?What are the welcome changes from the same period last year, and why?
Kou zhong, sales director of bollette: bollette had a good growth in the first half of 2017, with the sales of the whole machine increasing by more than 30%.Mainly concentrated in manufacturing and new energy industries, several traditional industries......
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