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Trinity screw air compressor

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Aircraft manufacturing: jet washing machine, die removal, drive assembly tools, drilling machine, hammer, hoist, combination tool, reamer, riveter, screwdriver, hammer, metal forming press, sandblasting
And spray paint.
Automobile manufacturing: spray washing machine, drive assembly tools, lifting hoist, pneumatic control, forging workshop, casting workshop, sheet metal workshop.
Beverage factory: bottle washing machine, can machine, internal spray barrel, food industry gas.
Cement manufacturing: storage ventilation, cement slurry mixing, cement bag cleaning seal, material mixing, dump truck, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, conveying cement and coal, cement kiln cleaning, vehicles and boats
Loading and unloading, lifting and lifting device, pneumatic control.
Chemical plant: ventilation and agitation, separation tower gas, cleaning equipment, combustion gas, conveying, lifting liquid, spray, cleaning pipeline, pneumatic control, process gas, transmission liquid.
Thermal power plant: blow air to clean pipe, blow smoke and dirt, clean boiler and condenser pipe, blow air to clean, transfer coal powder, clean sewage, pneumatic control.
Hydropower plant: engine control, lock maintenance, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive lock, start control, clean garbage net.
Food industry (general applications) : mixing liquids, gas (oxygen) for fermentation tanks, cleaning equipment with nozzles, cleaning containers with nozzles, conveying raw materials, dewatering of food, filtration.
Forging workshop: blown scale, furnace door air curtain, hoist and lift, drive bending and straightening machine, drive clutch brake and clamping device, drive hammer, drive fuel oil.
Casting workshop: hot metal car positioning, cleaning equipment, conveying sand, driving pneumatic tools, sand ramming machine, grinder, hoist and lift, pick, compactor, steel brush, sandblasting, screen
Sand, mud spray core.
Glass factory: blowing bottle and glassware, blowing lamp tube and electron tube, burning gas, conveying raw material, glass etching and drilling, conveying glass, pneumatic control, genuine hollow plate.
Steel plant: mixing solution, deoxygenation gas, high level converter gas, hopper positioning, sediment chamber drilling, unloading bag, open hearth flue cleaning, drive clutch and brake, drive furnace door, drive drive
Moving charging and conveying device, driving lubrication system, driving pneumatic tools, picks, grinder, hoist and lift, sandblasting, blast furnace out, vacuum degassing.
Wood, furniture processing: jet cleaning, air lift, dyed wood, bending and straightening, clamping, pneumatic tools, carving tools, drilling machine, polishing machine, grinding machine, sandblasting, spray paint, spray
Water device.
Sheet metal workshop: mixing solution, transport chips, air cleaning, driving packaging press, driving plate chuck clutch and positioner, pneumatic tools, finishing hammer, pick, drill bit, grinder
, lifting machine and elevator, combination tools, riveting machine, sandblasting, spraying lubricant, spray painting spraying, container leakage detection.
Mine: ventilating air, drilling big hole, removing water with air, filtering fine particles, pneumatic hoist, driving rock drill, pneumatic drill, blow hole, pile driver, rock drill.
Refinery: combustion gas, exhaust and cleaning oil lines, lifting and lift, drive control system, catalyst recirculation, sandblasting, painting.
Paper mill: air cleaning equipment, lifting and lift, pool anti-icing, roller feeding, pressing paper, driving clutch, driving paper breaking machine, paper feeding through the machine, pneumatic control, head box
Pressure, head box removal, waste paper removal, vacuum drying.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing: mixing liquid, antibiotic fermentation gas (oxygen), transfer raw materials, mixing and mixing raw materials, drive centrifuge, pneumatic control, air pulverization, spray dry, transfer liquid, true
Air drying and vaporization.
Plant maintenance: air cleaning, driving tools (steam hammer, concrete vibrator, drill bit, grinder, crane, road breaker, riveter, peeling, pipe coiler, wrench), spray
Sand, spray metal, spray paint, water spray system.
Molding: spraying equipment cleaning, casting casting blank, molding air object inflating, extrusion process inflating into tubes, vacuum or pressure molding, cylinder operation.
Printing plant: stir solution, paper packaging, lifting.
Quarrying plant: lifting handling materials, rock drill, air supply, drill blaster, drill, hand drill, water pump.
Rubber factory: cleaning mold and mechanical device, air lift, stripping, mold opening, pneumatic control, spraying.
Textile factory: stir liquid, air lift, moisten, run accumulator, spray liquid, spray system, infusion.
After-sales service, technical training plan and commitment
(1) perfect service system:
I. pre-sales guidance
Air compressor station design, consultation, gas consumption guidance, environmental location selection, etc., to provide a full range of technical support, if necessary, can send technical staff to the site to answer customer questions.
Technical training
About the site use and equipment simple repair related work content, if the customer needs, our company will provide a full range of technical training technical support, also can carry on the relevant technical specialist
The topic lecture explains, achieves the customer object long personnel technical training request.
After-sales service
A professional knowledge of strong, experienced engineering and technical personnel composed of the service department, anytime and anywhere to provide you with after-sales service, whether within the warranty period, or outside the warranty period, you are
Can get the best troubleshooting service, and rushed to the scene as soon as possible.
Four, maintenance
Air compressor to the overhaul period, you do not need to worry, we have professional overhaul personnel, complete equipment, meticulous work, and have a test equipment to provide you with various performance tests,
Ensure the quality of equipment overhaul.
Five, accessories complete
To ensure that your compressor can work normally, we provide you with jinjing original spare parts, which are consistent with the original design of the compressor, and will provide lifelong spare parts service for the equipment used by customers.
(2) after-sales service commitment:
1, customer first, quality;Strict parts quality, put an end to the use of fake parts;Quality assurance:
A. The main accessories of the products provided by our company are imported with original packaging.Ensure the product quality and technical parameters provided are consistent with the data provided before sales, and provide maintenance for the equipment for life
Repair service and spare parts supply.
B. the products provided by the company are completely new, and all the key components are imported with original international packaging;Stable quality and reliable performance;And ensure timely delivery.
C. during the warranty period, our company will provide free services and replace damaged parts and accessories if there is any quality problem with the equipment according to the requirements of the equipment operation manual and under normal operation environment.
2. Maintain in strict accordance with maintenance procedures and operating procedures to ensure maintenance quality.
3. Our company solemnly promises to timely repair the quality problems of the equipment and solve the worries of customers.The headquarters of the company will make a response within 1 hour after receiving the customer's call for repair and arrange a person on that day
Personnel with accessories rushed to the scene to deal with, tianjin surrounding areas to ensure 4 hours
Neda on-site maintenance, out-of-town immediately after receiving the warranty call to arrange the nearest after-sales service outlets staff rushed to the site maintenance.The service hotline is manned 24 hours a day
The workshop and front desk will not rest on holidays, Saturdays and Sundays to ensure that users are on call;
Establish on-site maintenance system;Timely set up repair team, can arrive at the scene at any time.
4. After debugging or maintenance, the maintenance personnel shall be responsible for cleaning the equipment and sanitation. After the service, the power test machine demonstration shall be put in place, and the user shall be explained about the use knowledge.
5, charge respect strictly execute city price bureau and our company "maintenance charge standard", replace old piece return to the customer, do not exaggerate the fault, eliminate random charge.
6. Our company specially arranges after-sales service personnel to regularly tour the equipment, understand the operation of the equipment and the existing use problems, and keep on file, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the machine
Use dynamic and timely maintenance recommendations to the user, to give technical guidance.
7, our company opened a general manager complaint telephone.To provide you with timely compressed air system technical support, in the equipment failure can be timely and effective treatment in the shortest time, yes
In your call to a variety of technical needs, we will have a specialized technical staff for
You answer, and according to the actual need to arrange technicians to the scene for you to troubleshoot.
8. Establish a return visit system: regularly track and understand the use of the machines (including door-to-door service) sold or maintained by our company and the service quality of our company, and adjust them to the users
Check and establish user questionnaire.Publish our monitor to the customer
Supervise the telephone, reply and deal with the user's letter or call in three days, make the reply warm, thoughtful and accurate;Each must reply, the implementation of the pieces, timely for the user to solve the problem.
Customers and related departments are welcome to supervise our service work.
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